BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
editorSet the html element fit in one pageSébastien Dailly14 months
masterUpdate to latest brrSébastien Dailly3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-12-18Update to latest brrHEADmasterSébastien Dailly
2022-08-27Update ocamlformat configurationSébastien Dailly
2022-08-27Update the entropy evaluation in the sutom applicationSébastien Dailly
2022-04-01Declared motus code in the dune-projectSébastien Dailly
2022-03-01CorrectionSébastien Dailly
2022-03-01Change in the entropy algorithm : prefer words in the final list instead of p...Sébastien Dailly
2022-02-27JS UpdateSébastien Dailly
2022-02-27Do not evaluate the entropy when only 2 words are still presentsSébastien Dailly
2022-02-26Use the whole dictionnary when searching for a word for a faster explorationSébastien Dailly
2022-02-25Added an another engine for motus, using entropy instead of frequencies onlySébastien Dailly