BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterProvide a script to start the qemu imageSébastien Dailly7 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-02-03Provide a script to start the qemu imageHEADmasterSébastien Dailly
2023-02-03Opened ssh access (only with key)Sébastien Dailly
2023-02-03Moved the playlists from /tmp/ to dedictated directorySébastien Dailly
2023-02-03Added a function for creating a directory in tempfsSébastien Dailly
2023-01-08MPD: use a dedicated directory where to store the playlistsSébastien Dailly
2023-01-08Added a target to emulate the system with qemuSébastien Dailly
2022-11-10Added the configuration for the raspberry 3aSébastien Dailly
2022-11-10Updated the Watchdog time to 10mn instead of 10sSébastien Dailly
2022-11-06Correct the bluetooth systemd ruleSébastien Dailly
2022-11-06Use the default configuration for the board instead of duplicate itSébastien Dailly